Newspaper Delivery in Truro

Shortlanesend Store deliver newspapers and magazines across most of Truro and outlying areas including Shortlanesend, Allet, Idless & Kenwyn. Available seven days a week throughout the year we have an excellent early morning team who ensure your papers and magazines are with you bright and early

Simply give us a ring or email us with your requirements.

Shortlanesend Post Office

Services Available

  • Post Letters and Parcels
  • Free Cash Withdrawals
  • Personal Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Electric & Phone Top-ups
  • Bill Payments
  • Travel Money Card
  • Insurance
  • Currency Ordering Service

Opening Hours

Last post 17:15 - Monday to Friday
Last post 12:15 - Saturday

Post Office Line: 01872-223670

The National Lottery

Play the National Lottery here. Enter the big draw for Lotto & Euromillions or treat yourself to a Scratchcard.

Freshly Baked Cornish Pasties & Pies

We have carefully sourced these Cornish Pasties for their meat quality and content. They are simply the best you can find in Cornwall!

Large Cornish Pasty (this really is very big!)
Medium Steak Pasty
Cocktail Cornish Pasty
Chicken & Sweetcorn Pasty
Cheese & Onion Pasty
Vegetarian Pasty
Cornish Meat Slice
Chicken & Mushroom Slice
Long Sausage Rolls
Bacon & Cheese Turnovers

Freshly Made Quiches

We produce traditional homemade cooking available Monday to Friday by our in-house Chef.

Farmhouse Quiche
(Made with locally produced smoked bacon & ham)

Caramelised Onions with Cornish Camembert Cheese Quiche
(Made with red and white onions and a locally produced Cornish Camembert Cheese)

Roast Duck with Hoisin Sauce Quiche

Cornish Meat Feast Quiche
(Made with Hogs Pudding and locally produced meats)

Freshly Made Cakes

Caramel Slice
Bakewell Tart
Lemon Meringue Pie
Fresh Fruit Flan with Creme Patissiere
Carrot Cake
Cider Apple Cake
Bailey's Fudge
And many more!
Our in-house Chef enjoys cooking up your favourites!

Fresh Sandwiches, Wraps & Rolls

We supply a good range of quality fresh sandwiches, rolls and wraps

Fresh Baker Tom Bread

We supply Baker Tom Bread which is delivered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings

Choose from many different types and sizes from our Baker Tom Display Basket

We also supply fresh Prima Bread and Rolls

We do lots of things!

Paypoint for all your everyday electric top-ups. mobile top-ups, paying bills etc


Wines, Spirits, Lagers & Ciders
Over the counter Medicines
Soft Drinks Selection

Hot Drinks To Go!

We also do a good selection of chilled drinks ie. fresh fruit juices, milk shakes, energy drinks, waters & fizzy

Fresh Milk & Cream delivered daily from Trewithen Dairy

Fresh Yogurts, Cornish Cheeses & Creams delivered regularly by Roddas of Cornwall

Locally produced quality Bacon & Cold Meats from Trevarthen Butchers